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Available on App Store and Play Store

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Amazing Features

The safe and secure solution to simplify childcare.

Childcare Near Me

Find childcare providers within proximity of your home or office.

Reviewed Specialists

Read the latest reviews of the childcare specialists you are considering utilizing

Easy Pay

Payment all taken care of on the app. 100% safe and secure.

Live Chat

Message your childcare providers, stay in touch and send and receive pics.

Schedule Tracking

Know where your child is at, at all times.

Background Checked & Approved

We take extra time to examine that our pro providers have all the necessary legal and job qualifications.

About App

Simple Overview

Childcare just got easier

Our mission is to ease the process for parents finding childcare across the globe. We want to be the global brand in the industry and make sure we have the safest securest process in the marketplace. We thrive to solve the issue Canada is facing with lack of proper childcare. Our platform gives parents and childcare specialists their best shot at finding perfect matches.

The Future of Childcare

We created the easiest and simplest way for parents to find a 100% safe & trusted childcare provider. Open up the map in the app and see what childcare specialists are in your area today!

"Everything is perfectly organized for parents and daycare providers." "We evaluate legal documents provided by childcare specialists to ensure quality and safety."

"Tons of easy to use features to help you find the right provider and build a relationship with them."

Reliable and Secure Platform

Everything is perfectly orgainized for future


Awesome interface

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